Help our children keep their dreams alive

They dreaming about only one thing! And this is a victory!


Help refugees who have lost their homes!

Lend a helping hand to those people who need it!


Help hospitals get medicine

Now many patients need qualified medical care!

Welcome to "Mrija" charity fund

We help people who are suffering because of the war in Ukraine

It is with such people that our charitable foundation "MRIJA" works most often. We have repeatedly helped internally displaced persons from many regions, who are currently suffering from the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, with food, hygiene products, medicines, diapers, and baby food.

Helped fund 10 Projects in Zaporizhzha region, benefiting over
10,000 people.

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Become a Partner!

Join the international community
to help Ukrainians overcome the enemy!

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Feed those
who need it

In partnership with international funds, we constantly feed our people and help the most necessary.

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Get involved in a good cause with all the means available to you:

  • Сollect humanitarian assistance.

  • Send medicine and medical equipment.

  • Help with product sets.

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You always have an opportunity to help children not to lose their childhood.

  • Collect and send new or used toys to us.

  • Buy goods for creativity and painting.

  • Create your own gifts)

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Our Testimonials

What they are talking about us

Many people contact us every day and we try to help everyone. Some of them shared their gratitude with us. And in turn, we placed them here.

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Recently asked questions

People are frequently asking some questions from us

Many people will ask us about things that are important to them. Here we have shared the most common questions and answers to these questions.

Learn how to get help

How to find out if it is on the lists or not?

Subscribe to our Telegram channel and follow us there.

How to get help from your fund for the first time? We are from Donetsk region.

Everything is very simple, if you live in Zaporizhzhia, then fill out the form in our Telegram channel. But keep in mind, the queue is long, the quota is small. It will have to wait.

Good day, please tell me, is it possible to receive help once a month?

Yes, you can get help only once a month. If you have already received from us, we will invite you again, you do not need to fill out the form again.

Do you have help for small children?

So. There is help, but not much. If baby formulas and diapers appear, we give them out all at once.

Help & donate us now

Find the popular cause
and donate them


Help to support shelters for pets

Мany pets lost homes because of war, we help them together.


$0 Raised

$5,000.00 Goal


Assistance for the purchase of medicines

Health is always important for every person, so join our initiative.


$50.00 Raised

$10,000.00 Goal


Assistance for the purchase of food products

People cannot exist without food, so join us to feed Ukrainians.


$0 Raised

$10,000.00 Goal