Charity fund "Mrija"

Care about Ukrainian people and dreaming of peace.

We are ordinary people, of different professions and of different ages, our team includes people from all over Ukraine. We like different music and read different books. But when it comes to love for the Motherland, we are all equal!

  • Each of us is fascinated by the Ukrainian songs.

  • We are passionate about Ukrainian embroidery.

  • We value the traditions of our forefathers.

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People are frequently asking some questions from us

We answer here the questions that deserve your attention. These answers reveal our attitude to our activities as much as possible. We always try to be open to communication and help you get reliable information from the original source.

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How to find out if it is on the lists or not?

Subscribe to our Telegram channel and follow us there.

How to get help from your fund for the first time? We are from Donetsk region.

Everything is very simple, if you live in Zaporizhzhia, then fill out the form in our Telegram channel. But keep in mind, the queue is long, the quota is small. It will have to wait.

Good day, please tell me, is it possible to receive help once a month?

Yes, you can get help only once a month. If you have already received from us, we will invite you again, you do not need to fill out the form again.

Do you have help for small children?

So. There is help, but not much. If baby formulas and diapers appear, we give them out all at once.

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Victoria Dolgaya

Head | Volunteer

Dmytro Konyev

Head | Volunteer

Dmytro Kovalyov

Advocate | Volunteer

Mr. Gray